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Sunday, 05 April 2009
Republic of Somaliland - Flag & Emblem


Republic of Somaliland is situated on the eastern horn of Africa and lies between the 08°00' - 11°30' parallel north of the equator and between 42°30' - 49°00' meridian east of the Greenwich.

It shares borders with Republic of Djibouti to the west, Federal Republic of Ethiopia to the south and Somalia to the east. Republic of Somaliland has a coastal line to the north of the country which extends 460 miles along the Red Sea.

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Last Updated ( Friday, 03 June 2011 )


Somaliland University of Technology introduces this academic year two new diploma programs that are very important for every one on the earth:

1. Sustainable Development,

2. Climate Change and Negotiations.

The two programs are complementary and would lead to a degree.

The number of students are limited and admission is very competitive.